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Welcome to the Georgia Legal Services Program Management WIKI.

This WIKI is a GLSP site. GLSP internet usage policies and workplace policies apply to this site. GLSP reserves the right to approve or disapprove all registration requests and to ban/delete registered users at GLSP's discretion. Review GLSP's policy regarding internet usage according to some made.

Check Out the GLSP Media Server Page -- Client Presentations, Podcasts, Advocacy Training Webinars, and More.

Our GLSP WIKI Includes

LSC Requests

GLSP Management Manual

LSC Program Quality Visit

GLSP Office Managers Wiki Space

Statewide Advocacy Discussion Board (This link is located on the staff wiki and may require a VPN connection and a separate log-in.)

GLSP Substantive Law

GLSP Food Stamp Fraud Advocacy (This hosted wiki will soon be hosted in-house)


LSC TIG 2009

GLSP Request for Proposals for Auditing Services and

GLSP Audit Selection Schedule

For more information on the Audit RFP, contact Darlene Lackey at

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